I have studied reefs around the world, including Palmyra Atoll, Madagascar, Mexico, Honduras and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, to better understand the dynamics of reef ecosystems and how they are affected by humans. I use SCUBA to conduct underwater surveys and experiments, and often collect biological and water samples to identify species and measure physical parameters of the environment.

Projects I have worked on include:


  • Coral recruitment under MPA and fished conditions

  • Pearl oyster recruitment

  • Fish, coral, cetacean, and seagrass abundance

  • Sediment transport & reef accretion rates

  • Grazer activity on algae density

  • Mangrove density

  • Coralline algae community dynamics

Coral reefs are some of the most diverse and important ecosystems on the planet. They support thousands of species, provide food for coastal communities, and protect shorelines from waves and storms. But coral reefs face numerous threats from climate change, development, overfishing and pollution.


Coral Reef Ecology

seagrass bed